Hubble Space Telescope -  - 23 years of seeing stars -
 that our atmosphere makes it impossible for us to view - any other way.

Stargazing Rooms Day and Night,

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Stargazing Rooms - Home Theater Rooms, Hand Painted - In Your Home

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Astronomy - Home Bedrooms and Theater Rooms - 

Custom Star Gazing Rooms
As if sitting in your lazy boy in a crater on the moon - relaxing from a hard day of  work and play.
Your mind will drift ... the stars will twinkle ... the excitement never stops ... as you drift off to sleep.

The image above was a real occurance - of images in our night time sky - look up my friend.   Look up.
Asteroid 2012 DA 14 passed very close to the Earth on February 16th 2013, local time. Australians and Western Australians
in particular were in a great position to observe the asteroid, being on the night side of Earth as it flew by.
Colin Legg  captured this footage starting 3.24 am from a dark sky site 350 km east of Perth Australia
Custom Created in Your Home

almost as if a piece of glass
 replaces the ceiling or walls of your room to show an experience

you will never stop enjoying.

Our Offer :

By Agreement - We will come to your home and
Create for you -
In your Bedrooms, Both yours and your children's
A daytime - invisible
Night time eye thrilling presentation of the night time stars
of your choice ... Northern or Southern Hemisphere views.

Nebula, Milky Way, Shooting Stars all may or may not be part of your stargazing room or rooms.

We work in total darkness with night vision gear on ...

Or you can choose any of the constellations
that Hubble has photographed over the last 20 plus years

Remember -
It is the eye opening experience of laying in bed ...
and having the stars appear as your room
approaches total darkness  ...
And your eyes dialate and the star light finds it's way
to thrill even the coldest of old stern men ...
turning them into silly giddy children again.

People of all ages - gasp at our presentations
unbelieving that they now have this in their bedrooms -
to appear before their eyes - every night - in total darkness
Your stars appear.

The Chronic Fight to get your children to go to bed - ends.

The exhausting fight to have your autistic children
become focused and engaged -
and want to go to bed is amazing.

The mind calms, The adventures begin as the minor stars begin to twinkle and the nebula drifts away and
a sense of peace  - melts away the worries of the day.

Truly -
The art work we create -
Creates a sense of awe and inspiration that simply amaze.

Seeing is believing.

Stargazing Rooms, Astronomy, Constellations, Galaxy

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We will call you - After you leave your contact information.
Chances are - we are busy creating a new room
for a new family friend.

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If you do want more information - You must initiate the contact.
This product and service is created personally by our family - in your home
By sealing off the room from all sources of light, windows, doors - all sources.
In total darkness.

Your night sky may include over 1000 stars, shooting stars, nebulae, star clusters 
and even the Milky Way if you desire and you allow us the time. ...

Invisible During The Day...Beautifully Realistic At Night
Below is a Hubble Photograph - Amazing - Not our Workmanship.
Large Magellanic Cloud
Astronomy, Constellations, Stargazing Rooms, Home Theater Rooms, Galaxy 
You may have constellations of the galaxy of your choice -
custom created for you in your home theater room or stargazing  room -bedroom.

Call or Email to arrange an in-home demo...seeing is believing.

    Call -  304 581-4051 -  Leave a message - we are busy - just like you. 
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NASA "The Hand of God"
The Hand of God as seen  and photographed by    
NASA's NuStar - Nuclear Spectroscopic  Telescope Array
A Real view of the Milky Way in Malasia - in a lightning storm
A Real photograph of the Milky Way with a lightning strike in Malaysia.
Image Credit: Justin Ng

Hubble Space Telescope Picture
Hubble Space Telescope Picture - Galaxy Group Arp 274 and Star Cluster NGC 3603.

West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C. Kentucky, Tenn, Ohio
In home creations - start at $2800 plus transport, lodging and incidentals.

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